25 reasons why best devs attend DevTernity

or why missing DevTernity is a BAD idea

Trust the choice of architects and engineering leaders

83% of conference attendees are top-level professionals — senior developers, software architects and engineering leaders. How they have become successful? They are great at making choices. The conference is an important choice that will influence your career. Trust those who is already at the top.

Felix Müller, Chief Architect

@fmueller_bln via

Let me recap: an awesome first @devternity ends now for me and @Aquagen. High quality talks and a great venue. Highly recommendable next year. Thank you @eduardsi and team of #devternity for organizing it 👍😊

Aviran Mordo, Head of Engineering

@aviranm via

Thank you @eduardsi and @devternity for a great conference, it was a blast!

Evelina Gabasova, Trainer, F# and ML

@evelgab via

I think there should be more conferences like this. Everyone is really friendly and talks are really interesting!

Uwe Friedrichsen, CTO

@ufried via

@devternity was a great experience! great conference, great people, great organization, great vibe. Really enjoyed it!

Raj Singh, Technical Lead

@rajwilkhu via

Thanks very much @eduardsi, the @devternity team and the Dev community in Latvia for an amazing conference and after party. Looking forward to the next one! :-)

Know more than your competitors

In just two days, you will learn much more than your competitors, who attend narrow-focused conferences. We focus on the core areas that are paramount to your success — software architecture, clean code and leadership. All noise is removed. Start preparing for the role of software architect, engineering leader or CTO today.

Earn certificate of attendance

After the conference, we issue an official, nice, laminated certificate of accomplishment, confirming the attendance of the conference. Use it for for boosting your credibility, enrich your LinkedIn profile or build a nice certificate wall.

Get salary raise

We talk to our permanent attendees and many report increase in salary. Depending on the market, architects earn 25-70% than developers. Want to turn your 3K into 5K? Jump on the bus and learn things that matter.

Enjoy perfect coffee by

What's the best coffee on the planet? It's Illy. Illy coffees are blended from arabica beans from multiple sources. The grounds are packaged in steel canisters and pressurized with an inert gas rather than air. DevTernity runs on Illy. And, like all best things in life, it's free.

We buy you a lunch

You have only one stomack, but many conferences try to kill you with a baguette made of stone. We serve tasty, freshly cooked, organic food. Meat eater? Vegetarian? Vegan? We won't leave you hungry.

Learn directly from industry influencers

Tired of Captain Obvious, marketing and Agile bullshit? We, too. We only invite speakers with outstanding technical and public speaking skills. Any exceptions, such as sponsored talks? Sorry, not at this conference.

Have unbiased views

Do you know what's the real purpose of any vendor, technology or a language specific conference? Think of Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon... It's to make you dependent on the vendor for products and services, so you can't use another vendor without substantial switching costs. It's called "vendor lock-in". Here at DevTernity, you will get unbiased view on technology, trends and solutions. No sales. No hidden messages. Ever.

Join respectful community

We are committed to providing a welcoming and harassment-free environment for participants of all races, gender and trans statuses, sexual orientations, physical abilities, physical appearances, and beliefs. Here is our public commitment to doing all we can to ensure your safety.

Use internet like a boss

Our hometown – Riga, is ranked among the top 10 fastest internet cities in the world. Urgent video call? Unfinished work? Millions of JS dependencies? No problem! Enjoy lightning-fast and free 4G and Wi-Fi everywhere – at the conference, in the hotel or a cozy coffee shop.

Support diversity by choosing DevTernity

Every paid ticket helps to support members of underrepresented groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the conference. This includes, but is not limited to women, students, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people. Only together we can build supportive and humane community. Don't stand aside.

Get energised

To have energy for all the things you want to achieve, you need to fill up at some point. The search for the source of infinite energy is over. DevTernity will recharge your batteries so you have fresh head, lots of inspiration and superpower. Enough to produce outstanding results and perform like a pro.

Build great relationships with your teammates

What can be better than a warm, welcoming and trusting relationship in a team? DevTernity, attended together with peers, serves as a great teambuilding. Learning together, being challenged, and having fun after the conference will leave a long-lasting, positive impact on your team's health and productivity.

Listen to all talks in English

Have you attended the conference where some talks are in local language? It's when you listen for a talk and can't understand a damn thing. At DevTernity, we want you to understand everything, from A to Z. All talks are delivered in fluent, easy-to-understand English.

Get access to YouTube channel

During the conference, you will have to make a choice which of 3 talks to attend. To make you feel at ease, we publish all videos on our YouTube channel. You will be the first person who gets access to the new videos. Missed a talk? Forgot a good idea? Want to watch the talk again? We've got you covered.

Visiting from other country? You are super welcome.

We welcome attendees from Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Estonia and many other amazing places. We make your arriving experience easy and smooth. You get everything you need, including city arrival guide, taxi coupons, Google maps directions. Who else is having a 24/7 service for travel assistance? travel@devternity.com

Stunning venue

Bored of conferences that run in hotels, decorated with Soviet-style red carpets? Or spending the whole day in a dark cinema that make your eyes bleed? We feel your pain. Our venue, the Castle of Light – the winner of International Excellence Award 2018, is designed from scratch for stunning events. It's modern, light and has outstanding audio and video quality that will make your heart dance.

Enjoy a calm room

To restore a bit of mental and physical energy sapped by the active day, you can hide in a quiet room. No crowds, no talking, no disturbance. Just you and the sounds of singing birds.

Kevlin Henney polishing his opening keynote. DevTernity 2017.

Win books signed by IT celebrity

Reading is the key to success. During the event, you will get a chance to win a deck of trending, bestselling IT books. All books are authored by our speakers. Signed exclusively for you.

Sandro Mancuso signing his bestselling book – The Software Craftsman.

Get your iPhone, PS4 or VR glasses. For free.

Every year, our participants win premium prices brought by our sponsors. Our sponsors are committed to make the event memorable. In fact, we work only with the sponsors who understand what developers like. Forget "exchange your email for a chocolate" type of things. Play big.

Playstation winner at DevTernity 2016.

Visit beautiful Riga

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is one of the top destinations in Europe and the largest of all three Baltic capitals. Art Nouveau architecture makes up roughly one third of all buildings, making Riga the city with the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. A must-see.

Panoramic view of evening Riga.

Have fun

After the conference, we enjoy unlimited supply of craft beer at Stargorod – the authentic Czech brewery. It's an amazing opportunity to meet old friends, teammates and, of course, argue with speakers until midnight.

And finally. Meet us at the conference!

We are a super-diverse team of technology, design, management, life enthusiasts. We organize DevTernity because we believe that our industry needs more amazing events. DevTernity is manifestation of our values and beliefs. Here we are. It's really nice to meet you!