DevTernity Fellows

Get rewarded for inviting friends

Why Fellows?

Have you heard about the passive income? Do you want to earn money by doing things that matter? Do you believe that sharing great things is caring?

Then you also can become a member of DevTernity Fellows community.

At Fellows, you are rewarded for doing small things that make a big difference. You help friends and colleagues discover DevTernity. We pay you cash.

We believe that helping discover great events in a noisy world must be rewarding. Our fellows enjoy steady passive income since 2015.

How does it work?

For every attendee who registers using your link, you earn cash:




Get a unique sharing link


Earn money by sharing


Your current earnings

You can also convince your colleagues to go to DevTernity and share profits

How can I boost my earnings?

We came up with a check-list, based on battle-proven best practices. Make social networks work for you!

We recommend sharing the message on your timeline, in groups and pages. Don't forget to @mention friends!

How much can I earn?

The math is simple. You get 50 EUR per registered 2-day attendee. For a 1-day attendee, you get half the premium.

What's the maximum earning?

There is no limit. The more people you bring, the more you earn. Simple and fair.

How do I know how much I earned?

Your balance will be visible just after authentication. You'll also receive email notifications.

How many days I have?

The program runs while the registration to the conference is open. After that, we'll stop the bonus program until the next conference and send you the money.

How do I collect my money?

We send you money using PayPal, Bitcoin or bank transfer. The choice is yours.

What if a participant will discover DevTernity using my link, but registers later?

Whenever someone visits your link, we set the unique and ageless browser cookie. All subsequent website visits are your referrals.

Any exceptions?

Referral fees are not paid for sponsored tickets.

Want to earn more?

Sure thing! Suggest your company to become a conference sponsor and earn up to 600 EUR. Just connect your manager and our team ( via email:

Dear DevTernity Team!

Let me introduce Kate – our marketing manager (CC). We are interested in sponsoring DevTernity, as it can help us hire the best tech talent.

Could you please share this year's sponsorship prospectus?

Once sponsorship agreement is signed, you get the bonus. The exact amount depends on the selected sponsorship package.

Have questions? at your service 24/7.